Ask Us Anything


How do your fees work?

Currently WRV Appraisal, Management & Consulting Fees are assignment dependent. Given the unique nature of every assignment and the non-disclosure parameters for Montana and Wyoming properties, each property brings its own specific challenges and strengths. We do our best to be consistent in our fees and provide our clients fast, reliable, and accurate solutions.

What is the average turn around time for a certified appraisal?

Over the course of the last fiscal year, our team has averaged 1.5 appraisals per week per agent. Our average turnaround for a certified appraisal has been 23.6 days. We routinely build a 30-45 day grace period in for any unforeseen complexities, but pride ourselves in overdelivering. If we fail to meet our bid deadline, we have no problem compensating our customers for their valuable time.

How is West Range Ventures different from others in our field?

WRV is an ambitious company comprised of young, hard-working members. We are fortunate to come from the industry we now serve in a professional capacity, and take pride in understanding the nuances that make each property unique. There is no substitute for the wisdom and experience of our colleagues. As such, we are fortunate to have a great relationship with many whom we consider mentors. Our team is focused on delivering the best value service possible by combining the knowledge and hands on experience with the expediency afforded by our youth. We are proud to be a part of the >2% of the industry under 30!