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WRV Appraisal & Property Analytics

Qualifications and Education

Certified General Appraisers, Specializing in Farm and Ranch Real Estate


Taite Johnson

Owner, Certified General Appraiser, REALTOR

Knowledgeable of legal descriptions, Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Contract for Deed, Note and Trust Indentures, highest and best uses, access issues, public leases, grazing associations and private leases, zoning, construction and depreciation costs for improvements, flood plain hazards, environmental issues, nonconforming uses, severances and easements, soils, water rights, irrigation water, and wildlife. Familiar with various county government agencies for obtaining recorded ownership documents, easements, certificates, tax assessment records; Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, and State agencies for public leases; Farm Service Agency for cropland records, aerial photos, and Crop Reserve Programs; U.S. Department of Agriculture Soil conservation Service for soil survey and climate records; Department of Natural Resources Conservation and State Engineer’s office for recorded water rights; Marshall & Swift valuation guidelines and data base for current construction prices, cost situations, and depreciation; Federal Emergency Management Agency for national flood insurance program; and MapRight, National Geographic and All Topo V7 mapping programs. Proficient and current in AgWare, Mercury, and Lightbox software as a vendor/user.

Associate degree (A.S.) - Ag Business - Casper College;
Bachelor degree (B.S.) - Business Mgmt. and Admin; Minor in Entrepreneurship - Montana State University
Appraisal Institute-Basic Appraisal Principles-MT REA 070627
Appraisal Institute -Basic Appraisal Procedures-MT REA 070848
Appraisal Institute -2016-2017 15 Hour Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
Appraisal Institute-Income Approach I&II for General Appraisers
ASFMRA Cost Approach (A301)- 2019
ASFMRA Conservation Easements and Other Partial Interests (A315)- 2020
ASFMRA Water Right Valuation - 2020
Mckissock Appraisal School-MT Mentor/Trainee Course
Mckissock Appraisal School -2018-2019 7 Hour USPAP update
Mckissock Appraisal School -2020-2021 General Report Writing and Case Studies (#235)
Mckissock Appraisal School -2020-2021 General Appraiser Sales Comparison Approach (#153)
Mckissock Appraisal School -2020-2021 General Appraiser Market Analysis Highest & Best Use (#233)
Mckissock Appraisal School -2020-2021 Statistics, Modeling and Finance (#232)
Mckissock Appraisal School -2020-2021 Commercial Appraisal Review (#151)