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Thanks for considering WRV Realty and The Ranch Team @ CB The Brokers! As sixth generation producers, we understand what it means to be on both sides of the transaction. People in the ag community are very loyal people who are motivated by relationships. Our goal is to create an authentic relationship with each client and offer an experience that is tailor made for each transaction. Our duties do not start and stop with the sale. We intend to truly offer a "Full-Service" real estate experience to our clients. As Certified General Appraisers in both MT & WY, we can offer a unique insight into the dynamic and challenging market that is Farm and Ranch Real Estate. Our goal is to build massive rapport and respect between the clients and ourselves, so that each client can be completely certain in their decision. We want our clients to be completely certain that they chose the right product, the right company, and the right agent. Lastly, we want to educate our clients and others in our industry. If we can connect our clients to quality, useful, transparent information; we believe that we can move the industry forward in a positive direction.

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