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WRV Agri-Industries

A Vision of Growth & Industry Leadership

WRV Agri-Industries ~ Yellowstone River Feeders

3870 Seven Mile Flat Rd

Worden, MT 59088


Phone: 307-680-9988

Email: trase@westrangeventures.com

Website: www.westrangeventures.com

Authorized Representative:

Trase Johnson

​WRV Agri-Industries and Yellowstone River Feeders is working to be able to purchase cattle year-round from across the US. Our unique management style and operational advantage allows us to purchase beef cattle of all types and sizes. We provide consistent marketing options and strive to be a company you can trust. We are strategically positioned within just a few miles of the complete feed base required for our growing lot all within the Yellowstone River Basin. We will be glad to answer any questions and would appreciate the opportunity to buy your cattle. Our goal is to allow these operations to restore good health and bring calves up on feed prior to entering our home finishing lot. 

Count on your Relationship with Us.


WRV Agri-Industries

a Johnson 3rothers Company


Backgrounding, Management, Consulting.

We want you to Get More. Let our experts in Management and Consulting help you get more growth for your operation, more flexibility with our custom purchasing/marketing options, and more satisfaction from our personal approach to buying and finished beef that exceeds consumer expectations.


Yellowstone River Feeders

a Johnson 3rothers Company

Get More.

More Growth, More Value, More Satisfaction

We want to get you more. Led by Trase Johnson, YRF seeks to expertly herald our operation and yours into the next generation of connected agriculture. Trase's vision for, and focus on delivering a vertically integrated Beef Value Chain opportunity gives Yellowstone River Feeders an specific goal and direction within the industry. He has a lifetime of experience in Farm/Ranch Management & Consulting; as well as a broad knowledge of Beef Markets, Nutrition, and Livestock Health & Handling. 

Get More. More Growth for your operation and cattle, More Value from our custom marketing options and personal approach to relationships, and More Satisfaction from our exceptional buying/backgrounding process.

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