List Price – $13,995,000

Selling Broker – “Hands down one of the most recreationally and agriculturally diverse ranches in Montana.

Once described “as much of a farm as it is a ranch” speaks to a variety of investors. It has been said melons, corn, and even soy beans could be grown in this area. Seven pivots, with the ability to add more, combined with one of the longest growing seasons in the state and adequately watered pastures is all a person can squeeze into one property. The owners have historically stocked this ranch with over 500 mother cows plus 100 heifers and over 100 yearling bulls.

Huge bull elk, monster mule and whitetail deer, and gaggles of pheasants and waterfowl will keep the recreationalist busy for years to come. The improvements are modest but have housed the owner, a hired hand and guests at the lodge very comfortably. Two cattle working facilities at each end of the ranch allow for convenient livestock handling.

The Tongue River, a tail water, runs through the ranch for 7 miles. Not only providing constant, ample irrigation and stock water but also home to a variety of fish species including small mouth bass, catfish, and even walleye!”

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“The Johnson Brothers have brought a fresh energy and enthusiasm to an industry that is very difficult to get started in as young professionals.”

Andy Rahn | Montana Land Source
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“With a history embedded deep in agriculture, the Johnson Brothers not only know agriculture, they know the market.”

Bethany Toews | Warren Land & Livestock